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Awesome Natural and Non Toxic Baby Bath Products

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Bath time for babies can be challenging, fun, and terrifying especially if you’re a new parent!

Making sure the products you’re putting on your baby are non toxic baby bath products is something we don’t always think about in the rush of new parenthood.

It took a long time for my little to actually enjoy baths but now I can barely get her out and she asks for one every day.

Something I never thought too much about were all natural baby bath products and non-toxic bath products.

Sure, I put some on my registry, but I just went by the package information and didn’t really look too much into them.

As a mom-to-be and new mom I had other priorities (like sleeping, eating, and bathing occasionally).

Now that I have a bit more time (and a lot more knowledge about the importance of finding the best natural baby products) so I’ve found the best natural baby wash products and want to share them with you!

First, let’s start with:

What’s Natural vs. Non-Toxic vs. Organic?

Let’s start with natural.

This is basically a marketing term…lots of things can be considered “natural”.  It could be the raw and most natural form or it could be highly processed by-product.  Both are considered “natural”.

There are no regulations around using the word natural and you can never really be sure how “natural” ingredients are unless you read the label very carefully!

If the top 10 ingredients are listed as organic or recognizable to you as natural then you’re *probably* ok.  Remember, ingredients lists start with the highest percentage of each ingredient and go down.

Next let’s look at the term Non-Toxic.

This is also a marketing term with basically no regulation but is slightly better than just “natural”.

It means that the product you’re buying doesn’t contain ingredients that have been shown to be harmful to humans (carcinogens, hormone disruptors, etc.).

If the label also says “synthetic-free” you’ve hit the jackpot!  That means that there are no man-made ingredients.  Everything in the product can be found in nature.

Finally, Organic labels.

A product labeled organic is the gold standard.

Regulated by the USDA with a strict process means that you can be sure that the ingredients were grown without pesticides, GMOs, fertilizers, antibiotics, growth hormones, or herbicides.

Always look for the USDA certified organic label.

For a product to be certified organic 95% of the ingredients need to be organic (some products are even 100% organic).

Head over to the USDA’s organic site to learn more.

On to the best natural baby bath products!

What are the best non-toxic options when bathing your baby? With so many products out there, check out our list of the best ones!

I have used some of these products, others are on my list to try.

When possible, I’ve checked these products on the ThinkDirty app and the Environmental Working Group (EWG) to check their chemical content and ingredient safety.

Check their sites to find out more about their rating processes

ThinkDirty’s rating process

EWG’s rating process

I’ve listed these in order from best rating on ThinkDirty and EWG to worst/no rating.

Pipette Baby Bathtime Duo

This tear free baby shampoo and baby lotion is made from renewable and responsibly sourced sugar cane.  This hasn’t been rated by the ThinkDirty but is EWG certified which is the best rating that a product can receive.  There’s a fragrance free option as well as a calming scent (which is also EWG certified).

Think Dirty Rating: Not Rated

EWG Rating: Certified

EveryOne Baby Chamomile and Lavender Wash

This tear free formula is perfect for a bath right before bed with calming chamomile and lavender scent.  Gluten free and cruelty free, it also arrives in recycled bottles.  This formula is also EWG certified though there is potassium sorbate which may create issues with allergies/immunotoxicity.

ThinkDirty Rating: 2

EWG Rating: Certified

Druide Baby Cleansing Gel

This also received the highest possible rating on ThinkDirty and has multiple certifications.  I’m putting Druide on the list to try as my little gets older as it’s not tear-free.  Made in Canada, it’s certified organic by ECOCERT which is the highest form of organic certification.  This has to be one of the best organic baby bath products out there.

ThinkDirty Rating: 0

EWG Rating: Not Rated

SheaMoisture Raw Shea Chamomile & Argan Oil Baby Head-To-Toe Wash & Shampoo

I’ve seen the SheaMoisture brand in several stores and online.  I’m glad to see that their baby wash and shampoo got a very high rating on ThinkDirty and I’ll feel more comfortable purchasing to give it a try!  I love using Argan Oil for myself and I think my little will like it as well.  This is a product that uses certified organic ingredients but doesn’t quite meet the criteria to be a certified organic baby bath products.  It’s also not tear-free so I’ll be waiting a little longer on this one!

ThinkDirty Rating: 1

EWG Rating: 1

California Baby Aromatherapy Shampoo & Bodywash Calendula

I haven’t seen this in any of our stores but I love to use Calendula on my little’s skin!  It also received a good rating on ThinkDirty making me even more interested to try it out.  California Baby is a bit more pricey than the others so it will likely go on a Christmas wishlist!

ThinkDirty Rating: 2

EWG Rating: 1

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash Tear Free

This was my first baby bath wash that was on my registry!  We’ve used it for the past almost 2 years with no issues.  It’s one that I always go back to and know I can rely on.  We use the original but there’s also a fragrance free version.  I love that it’s tear free (that can be hard to find with the natural products!).  This still gets a green (good) rating from ThinkDirty but is on the edge of being rated yellow (so-so).  I’ll likely use up what I have and try a better rated product.

ThinkDirty Rating: 3

EWG Rating: Fragrance Free – 1  Original – 3

Tom’s of Maine Baby Shampoo and Wash

We recently purchased toddler toothpaste from Tom’s and I was interested in some of their other products.  I was interested to see how their baby bath products scored on ThinkDirty.  While they still get a green (good) rating, it’s the same level as Burt’s Bees.  I’ll probably try this one out as well since it’s tear-free and fragrance free though it will be lower on my list because of the dirtier rating it received.

ThinkDirty Rating: 3

EWG Rating: 1

Puracy Natural Baby Shampoo & Body Wash

Puracy baby was one of my Prime day scores.  I purchased several products from the Puracy line and have been extremely impressed so far!  I love that they use essential oils for fragrance.  This is a product with a non-toxic label and has not been tested by ThinkDirty though other Puracy products have (and received a green rating).  I really like that it’s also tear-free, sulfate-free, non-toxic, and comes in a two pack with pumps for each bottle!

ThinkDirty Rating: Not Rated

EWG Rating: 2

Weleda Baby Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash

I hadn’t realized that Weleda made a non toxic baby shampoo and body wash until I was researching for this post.  I love their calendula diaper rash cream so this one is DEFINITELY going on my list to try!  This received the highest possible rating on ThinkDirty and is also tear-free.  I love that it’s certified by multiple agencies and meets EU guidelines (which tend to be stricter than US guidelines).

ThinkDirty Rating: 0

EWG: 4

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