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Recent Medical Studies: no safe acetaminophen dosage for babies or pregnancy

During my second pregnancy, I developed a large and painful ganglion cyst on my right wrist.  I’d had issues with that wrist for close to 15 years but never to this level.  I was dropping things because I lost hand strength and it was painful to move it. Not a good combination with a toddler! […]

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Awesome Eco-Friendly and Wooden Toys for Toddlers

It isn’t always easy to find eco-friendly toys. You won’t usually find them in any of the big box stores or even in stores geared towards eco-friendly living. But green toys are out there and eco-friendly gifts in general are starting to become easier to find, especially online. Don’t forget to Pin for later!   […]

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Eco-Friendly Products for a Green Clean

As the world embraces more eco-friendly lifestyles we’re looking for new ways to do many of the same things we’ve always been doing. That includes home cleaning. Buying environment-friendly soaps is a great start, but if you’re using traditional house cleaning utensils you’ve found your next step to green living!  Thankfully eco-friendly cleaning supplies are […]

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What if all I Want for my Kids is an Extraordinarily Ordinary Life?

I’ve been thinking lately about how we all have hopes and dreams for our kids. Even when we know that they are their own people, we can’t help but want amazing things for them. But, with that seemingly good desire, there is a dark side. I recently read this article in the Philadelphia Magazine about the […]

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