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Recent Medical Studies: no safe acetaminophen dosage for babies or pregnancy

During my second pregnancy, I developed a large and painful ganglion cyst on my right wrist.  I’d had issues with that wrist for close to 15 years but never to this level.  I was dropping things because I lost hand strength and it was painful to move it. Not a good combination with a toddler! […]

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Awesome Eco-Friendly and Wooden Toys for Toddlers

It isn’t always easy to find eco-friendly toys. You won’t usually find them in any of the big box stores or even in stores geared towards eco-friendly living. But green toys are out there and eco-friendly gifts in general are starting to become easier to find, especially online. Don’t forget to Pin for later!   […]

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Eco-Friendly Products for a Green Clean

As the world embraces more eco-friendly lifestyles we’re looking for new ways to do many of the same things we’ve always been doing. That includes home cleaning. Buying environment-friendly soaps is a great start, but if you’re using traditional house cleaning utensils you’ve found your next step to green living!  Thankfully eco-friendly cleaning supplies are […]

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