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The Shockingly Easy Way to End Power Struggles with your Toddler

It only recently dawned on me that toddler power struggles and happening more and more often with my 20 month old.  (I know, I know…ALMOST 2…I just can’t quite bring myself to believe that yet…). All of us are laid back in our house. But the power struggles still happen. I’ve been finding that they […]

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The Simple Way Morning Rhythms Help Slow Down Mornings

Ah, mornings…they can be hectic, hurried, and downright stressful!  That is why I am sharing with you about The Simple Way Morning Rhythms Help Slow Down Mornings! I don’t know about you, but as soon as my eyes open I start running through my to-do list for the day in my head. Not the most relaxing […]

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5 Steps to Accepting Your Labor and Delivery Experience

Birth plans are important.  They let your team know what you want, don’t want, and how you want your birth experience to go.  They are important to your Labor and Delivery Experience. They also feel like your first step into motherhood, your chance to decide how your baby comes into the world. But what about […]

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