Getting things done with your baby

We’ve all had those days (weeks, months) where all your baby wants is to be held.  It can feel absolutely exhausting!  On top of being so very needed (which is emotionally draining), none of the things that you want or need to get done are able to happen.  It’s pretty hard to load a dishwasher while holding a baby.

It’s true that some of these things can wait.  Yes, the house may be a little bit messier, the laundry pile a bit higher, and dinner may come out of the freezer and out of the microwave.  But what about the things that just can’t wait?  How do you get those things done?


Babywearing has been the biggest lifesaver for getting things done when Little Miss just won’t take a nap anywhere but on me.  It’s also been a huge help when I need to get things done outside but don’t want to leaver her alone inside.  It also makes going fun places like the beach, or strolling along a street much more relaxing and enjoyable for everyone.  Even my husband enjoys wearing her!

Here are a few carriers that I love (I do receive a small commission that doesn’t cost you any extra if you purchase through one of the links by clicking on the pictures below)

I used the Moby as my very first carrier when Little Miss was a newborn.  It does take some getting used to and can be rather warm with all the layers of fabric.  It was so stretchy and comfortable though!

This is the one I use the most now that Little Miss is getting bigger (and heavier!).  It’s super easy to use for front or back carries (you’ll need an infant insert for little ones)

This ring sling has been my go to until recently (when it was replaced with the Beco above as the one I reach for most).  It’s small enough to fit in my diaper bag and (once you get the hang of a ring sling) so easy to use!

Nap Time/Bed Time

Ah, nap time!  a Mommy’s best friend 😉

It’s amazing how much you can get done during nap time if baby sleeps long enough.  If you’re like me, you will have a running to do list in your head of the things you want to get done during each nap time.  If you’re also like me, this list will be longer than nap times and occasionally Netflix will win out over the other items.

If your baby is not a great napper/sleeper you may not get a whole lot done during these times (other than resting yourself if you need to lay down with your baby).

Independent Play

So, honestly, Little Miss has just started being able to play more on her own the past 2-3 months (10-11 months old to start).  If I’m in another room she will often come to within just a few feet of me to continue her playtime.  This can make it hard if you’re wanting to move from room to room but is something to look forward to if your baby hasn’t reached this age yet!


If you have help available, this can be the easiest way to get more things done.  Your baby will likely go through periods of separation anxiety where it will be difficult to leave them with anyone else (even if you are just in the other room!).  These phases do pass though and you will be able to enjoy some uninterrupted time if you have a babysitter or family available.

Bonus: Helper

As a bonus possibility, try letting your baby help out.  Yes, it will take longer.  Yes, it will have to be redone by you.  But it makes them so happy to help out and, someday, they really will be able to help and you will be glad to have a helper!

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