The Best Cosleepers for Attachment Parenting Sleep
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The Best Cosleepers for Attachment Parenting Sleep

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You’re finally home with the baby and the nursery is finished, ready to be slept in. But, the bassinet and the nursery in general is too far away. Maybe you just want to be able to watch your baby sleep, and the ease of night-time feedings just seems obvious. If this sounds like you then check out the best co-sleepers that could give you peace of mind. Not to mention, a bit smoother night routine.

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What is Co-Sleeping with Baby

Cosleeping tends to get a bad rap because people usually assume that it is bed-sharing, but they’re actually two different things.

Co-sleeping means that your baby is in the same room with you. There are many reasons why a parent may choose to co-sleep. For instance mother’s may experience improved breastfeeding, an enhanced bond, or it’s just personal preference.

There are many benefits to safe co-sleeeping and it is recommended by The American Academy of Pediatrics for at least the first 6 months and, ideally, the first year.

Co-sleeping with your baby can reduce the risk of SIDS by up to 50%!  Breastfeeding can reduce SIDS risk even more (check out my Breastfeeding Tips post here).

It’s recommended that babies have their own sleeping area, which is where co-sleepers come in!  There are lots of options when it comes to your newborn baby bed and where your baby sleeps.

Types of Co-Sleeping

  • A baby co-sleeper attaches to bed
  • A bedside crib
  • A baby bassinet next to the bed or in the room
  • A crib attached to bed
  • A bassinet that attaches to bed

What is Bedsharing with Baby

Bedsharing is a form of co-sleeping but one where your baby is in the same bed as you.  This form of co-sleeping tends to have a bad reputation in the United States as it can be a dangerous form of co-sleeping.  However, the AAP has recently softened it’s stance on bedsharing noting that the bed is safer than a couch or chair.

It’s possible to safely bedshare, but there are many considerations if you are thinking of bedsharing with your baby.  There is a biological and anthropological argument that bedsharing safely is better for mothers and babies.  It also allows for easier breastfeeding and better sleep.  To find out how to safely bedshare, check out this list of guidelines from the Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Laboratory.

There are baby in the bed sleepers available, though there is not much data about their safety.  Following the safety guidelines and having a second sleeping option as a back up are a must!

Co-Sleeper Options

NameBed HeightWeightWheels?Our Rating (1-5)Price Range
Halo Bassinest24-34 inches10 lbsNo4.8$$
Babybay Bedside Sleeper10-25 inches24.2 lbsNo4.7$$$$$
Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet13-17 inches from floor to bottom of bassinet21.8 lbsNo4.5$$
Arm's Reach Bassinet24+ inches26 lbsYes4.3$$$
Graco Pack and Play40 inches32.2 lbsYes4.2$$

HALO Bassinet

(Check Current Price)

This is the only swivel sleeper that does a 360 rotation. It makes getting out of bed effortless. The sides move up and down so you can easily access your baby along with mesh sides that make it easy to see your infant. The total weight is 10 pounds. I’ve personally used this and have loved the ease of moving the bassinet out of the way and the side moving up and down. What do people dislike? There is a bit of a tilt so babies may move around at night or roll. It’s also a larger size so if you have a small bedroom this may not be the best option for you!

Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet

(Check Current Price)

Sleep better knowing your little one is just an arm’s reach away. They can have their own space or simply unzip the side panel and slide beside your bed.

This sleeper also features a slight incline that can be beneficial to aide with congestion. This is a heavier option weighing 24 pounds. What do people dislike? This can be too short for some beds, make sure you measure the height of your bed first!

Graco Pack n’ Play

(Check Current Price)

This pack n play offers storage shelves underneath and a changing area (yay for not having to get up to change a diaper!).  It’s also multifunctioning and can easily turn into a portable playard. This model also has vibration as well as music and nature sounds. The weight for this product is around 20 pounds. I also have this one and it’s very convenient if you have a multi-level home to have this in one area and another sleeping/changing spot on another. What do people dislike? This can be difficult to put together (we had this issue as well) and the instructions are poorly written/not clear.

Arm’s Reach Bassinet

(Check Current Price)

This bassinet offers so much storage and I personally know some moms who have loved it!  The mesh sides make it easy to see your baby and can be used with a side folded down and attached to the bed or with the sides up as a stand alone bassinet.  Weight is 28 pounds. What do people dislike? Make sure you measure the height of your bed for this one! It is adjustable but only about 6 inches. Also, some people have disliked the firmness of the mattress.

Babybay Maxi Clean Comfort Bedside Sleeper with organic bundle

(Check Current Price)

This is one of the highest priced options on our list but offers the largest amount of adjustment. So if you have a very short bed this is a great option (if you have a very tall bed, you’ll want to look at this option). This is also an eco-friendly co-sleeper and comes with their clean mattress (no toxic chemicals used) as well an organic jersey sheet. What do people dislike? This is an expensive option and is also not very easy to move.

In Bed Cosleepers

Dock a Tot

(Check Current Price)

This is a favorite of many parents!  Lots find that it helps their baby sleep better.  Made in the EU with Oeko-Tex materials (certified free of harmful chemicals) and lightweight so you can take it anywhere!  The Deluxe+ can be used from 0-8 months.

JoJo Lounger

(Check Current Price)

It’s the only lounger that sleeps 0-24 months (or older). This offers the accessibility to be carried easily, as it only weighs 3 pounds. The material is soft, breathable, and free of any harmful dyes or chemicals.

Snuggle Me Organic

(Check Current Price)

Such a great design for little ones. It is patented to hug your baby, which gives them a calming sensation. It has the highest quality organic, 100% cotton and is made in the USA. This portable and multifunctional product is great for a lounger, tummy time, and travel mat. This sleeper is designed for babies 0-9 months.

SwaddleMe Sleeper

(Check Current Price)

This side sleeper will allow parents to soothe, feed, and monitor their baby throughout the night. It’s compressible mesh makes it easy to hold on to your baby. You can easily fold this co-sleeper for convenient traveling. Item weight is 6 pounds.

Baby Delight Snuggle Nest

(Check Current Price)

Great option for a traveling mama and baby! This co-sleeper folds in half making storage and travel effortless. The sides have a mesh panel, allowing air circulation. The snuggle nest has a night light, soothing sounds, and a lullaby option.

Making sure your baby is close, safe, and comfortable isn’t impossible. I’m sure you’ll find one of these co-sleepers that is just right for you and your baby!

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  • chelsea Duffy

    I co-slept with both my kids (many years ago now). I actually got better sleep for it because I wasn’t actually getting out of bed and fully waking myself up to nurse. Having the co-sleeper is such a great blend of having them with you but both of you having your own space. Great recommendations! Most of these weren’t around when my kids were babies!

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