The Sound of Silence

Well, hello again!  Alexis here.  I’m so sorry for the long hiatus, geez!  I can’t believe June was the last time we had a blog post!  Let me catch you up on the long break.


It’s been a busy time for our little family!  This summer we started searching for our new home as the home we were living in was just getting a bit too snug now that Little Miss was here. The more mobile she got (and the more toys/gadgets we had) the smaller our two-bedroom townhouse felt.  So, it was time to move!

We started house hunting at the end of the summer.  Nothing really jumped out at us and we weren’t quite ready to sign on the dotted line anyways.  Summer turned to fall and we thought that we would have to wait for the spring to find our new home.  But, no!  The perfect family home came on the market and was just what we were looking for!  We jumped on it and started the home buying and moving process (much easier to type that than to actually do it!)


In the midst of all of this craziness, my laptop went kaput.  So, yes, every update, Facebook post, etc.  since about August has been done through my smartphone (thank goodness for these mini computers in our purses/pockets!).  It definitely was a band-aid to get me through but not the most ideal situation.

Then, next thing I knew, it was Little Miss’ first birthday!  So, there were parties to be had and cakes to make for smashing.   And then, of course, Thanksgiving was upon us with Turkeys to cook and pies to eat.  All fun things but the time has definitely gotten away from me!

Now we are (mostly) all settled in our new home and I have a new computer to make running Mamma in Pearls a much easier process.  Thanks for sticking with me through the silence and I’ll have some fun new things to share with you very soon!



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